Sicilery is an Italian restaurant in Maastricht founded in 2022, dedicated to bringing Sicilian food and culture to the Netherlands and beyond.

At Sicilery, every product is meticulously handcrafted by passionate Sicilian enthusiasts. We are unwavering in our commitment to serving food of the highest quality, entirely handmade and proudly sourced from Sicily.
We believe that exceptional food doesn't need to be overly complex. We understand the value of time, especially when life gets busy. That's why we offer straightforward, delicious options for those on the go.
Sicilery is deeply committed to minimising our environmental impact. We exclusively use seaweed-based materials, thanks to our partnership with Notpla. Our takeaway boxes, crafted from seaweed, are a testament to this dedication. All our graphic materials are also printed using Shiro Algae from the Laguna di Venezia. We have banished plastic bottles entirely, opting for Sicilian drinks in glass containers through our collaboration with Tomarchio. Our partnership with Earth Water allows us to make a positive societal impact as they are a non-profit organisation, contributing to the fight against water scarcity.

Seaweed Boxes used:


Algae Units Printed:


*Calculations based on Laguna di Venezia Report 2023

Total Meals Saved:


Co2 saved in kg:


*Calculations based on Notpla's Impact Report 2023